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Anima – December Adoption Day!

Anima organizes an adoption day out of Anima on the last Sunday of every month if the weather conditions allow us. In our adoption day in Macau, in Praca da Amizade, Anima took five of our dogs and around 30 people visited us! Three of our volunteers have helped us. One adoption form was filled in! Please do not buy, Adopt! We need adopters! Many animals are being abandoned every day!     Please help us donating to ANIMA – Sociedade Protectora dos Animais de Macau to the following bank accounts: Banco Nacional Ultramarino, MOP account number 9003472840 Bank of China, MOP account number 01-01-20-794318 ICBC, MOP account number 0119100200000960934 (ICBC jetco, please do not input the first three digits) Tai Fung Bank, MOP account number 201-1-10530-7 Tai Fung Bank, HKD account number 101-1-12983-3 And inform us of your donation to [gallery ids="25387,25384,25381,25375,25372,25369,25366,25363,25378"]...

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27 December
adoption days

Anima Adoption Day

All days are adoption days in Anima headquarters in Coloane. However, every last Sunday of every month, Anima has an adoption day out of Anima. This day has been in Flower City garden in Taipa with 12 volunteers, all staff of Louis Vuitton company and our dogs SPP1222-Nizie, 1305-Elmo, 194-Barfy, 414-Karma, 415-Kira, 240-Charlie, 832-Serina, 1102-Stampy, 464-Hera and 497-Pasha....

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30 November
Our Events

Anima in “Phantom of Venice” Event In Venetian

F.I.T. students with the support of Venetian professionals have organized an event in Venetian, as the culmination of a training course where students have learned to organize a fully event including the beautiful dinner we have enjoyed. At the end of the event 10,000 patacas were raised and donated to Anima. Thanks Gene Capuano, Vice-president of Conventions and Exhibitions Operations of Venetian and all Venetian Directors and staff. Thanks also to F.I.T. president Mrs. Fanny Wong, its students and staff!...

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01 November