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Anima – December Return (1311-Nate)!

1311-Nate was found in Estrada de Cheoc Van’s washroom in October 10, 2014 and was adopted in November 18, 2014. He was returned now because a member of the family has a “serious allergy”. If we were not full we could be more selective with the adopters! Unfortunately there is always a risk in the adoption process when we are so full! Never abandon your pet! Abandoning a pet is cruelty!     Please help us donating to ANIMA – Sociedade Protectora dos Animais de Macau to the following bank accounts: Banco Nacional Ultramarino, MOP account number 9003472840 Bank of China, MOP account number 01-01-20-794318 ICBC, MOP account number 0119100200000960934 (ICBC jetco, please do not input the first three digits) Tai Fung Bank, MOP account number 201-1-10530-7 Tai Fung Bank, HKD account number 101-1-12983-3 And inform us of your donation to

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24 December