ANIMA-Press Release (Greyhounds arrival)!

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According to our Irish partners, confirmed by Hong Kong sources and Grey2k USA Worldwide, 24 new Irish greyhounds will arrive Macau this Friday 13th of May.
Anima sources near the shipping companies confirm that the 24 Irish Greyhounds will arrive Macau (at bridge 27) between 17:00 to 17:30!
The export of those animals is making a big mess in Ireland and is damaging the image of Macau as a friendly and international city of leisure and entertainment.
Lots of bad publicity to Macau, published all over the world, news in the international media (TVs, radios and newspapers) and in the social networks are destroying all the work done by our Government in the last years!
Anima invites all the Macau press to be in bridge 27 on May 13th, Friday at around 17:00 to be a witness of one more group of young and healthy animals coming to the death!

Let’s stop that bloody business!
Be on time, please!
Thanks you!
Albano Martins


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