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SPP1925-Stefan (M), around three years old, now under our Special Protection Program, was rescued by Anima on 4th September 2017, after a call from Ms. Hoi reporting that a dog was hit by a car in a site.

SPP1925-Stefan was sent to a clinic for consultation and subject to an x-ray.

The report showed that he is paralysed as his spine was broken.
According to the vet, there is not much chance that he can walk again even if he has a surgery.
Stefan was sent to another clinic for a second opinion.
The opinion of the second clinic was very similar: even with a surgery he will never walk again and the probabilities of improving its actual situation is less than 40 per cent!
Anima has not capacity to handle this situation in its shelter as Anima has around 400 dogs and 300 cats in its shelters and has only 21 handlers and no space at all for him!
We have asked other animal welfare associations if they have capacity to handle this case, but they don’t have.
Fortunately our friend Ms. Janny Vong accepted to keep him and accepted to assume the responsibility of the surgery.
Anima will pay all bills up to next Monday and from that day on a Campaign is already under progress to help Stefan!
Anima President will privately donate 10,000 patacas for this campaign and assume the Anima bills up to this Sunday as Anima is short of funds!
The funds of Anima will only last up to the end of this month and the bills of Anima every month rounds 600,000 patacas!
Besides that the Hato typhoon created losses of around 500,000 in our both shelters! Both shelters continue severely destroyed!

Please donate and help Stefan!
If you donate to Stefan through Anima please inform us as we will keep a current account and will transfer the funds to Ms. Janny!

Please help us to help them!

Never Abandon your pets! Abandoning a pet should be a crime!



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