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Anima-UMSU FBASA helps Anima!

<07-03-2017> UMSU FBASA (University of Macau Students' Union Faculty of Business Administration Students' Association) will launch an event “You are my garden party” on 10th March 2017 from 12:30-21:00 at UM Central Avenue! There will have applications for adoption and sponsorship of dogs, different kind of booths...

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07 March
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Anima – Donation from Mr. Poon!

<17-02-2017> Today we have received a visit from a representative of Mr. Poon informing us that his boss (Mr. Poon) admired our job and wants to donate MOP 5,000.00 to Anima. They didn’t want to take any picture! Thanks Mr. Poon! Please help us to help them! Anima is facing...

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04 March
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Anima-Colegio Mateus Ricci Visited Us!

<25-02-2017> Today, 11 people visited us, three of them were from Colegio Mateus Ricci! They came to play and work for us! Thanks for your strong support! Education is the key issue for changing the cruelty environment against animals. Pets are for life! More and more visitors come to Anima! In...

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25 February