Anima–February Sad News (C1733-Asia)!

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The mother cat C1732-Africa (F), around two years old at that time, together with her five kittens, C1733-Asia (F), C1734-Alta (F), C1735-Amata (F), C1736-Amicus (M) and C1737-Antal (M), all around three months old at that time, were rescued by Anima on 24th October 2017.
All of them were brought to Cats’ Paradise by Ms. Ofélia and Ms. Siedy.
According to Ms. Ofélia the cats were found in Choc Van.
That was the second time the mother cat C1732-Africa gave birth to six kittens.

They managed to give away one kitten for adoption and they asked our help for the rest.
All of the cats were checked by our vet and dewormed.
They stayed at the Cats’ Paradise since that time.
On 22nd February 2018 C1733-Asia was found with upper respiratory infection and fever.
This afternoon she became less active, lying in the cage and seemed no power to move.
She was sent to a clinic and tested as FIP Positive.
The virus had reached her brain and she was having seizures constantly.
She vomitted blood and almost had no response to anything.
After discussion with the vet and approved by two of our board members, we made a sad decision to put her sleep.
Last decision belongs always to the President of Anima, and it is not an easy decision!
R.I.P. my friend!

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