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  • 1564-Laurel

Anima-June Abandonment (1564-Laurel)!

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1564-Laurel (F), 1562-Larrie, 1563-Lora and 1565-Losa, were rescued by Anima on 21st October 2015, after a call from Ms. Chong referring that 1562-Larry was stuck under the floor board near Ka-Ho barbeque site and asked if we could help.
The fire department and the police were also called and they asked us to save the puppies.
Laurel was adopted on 22nd December 2015.
We were informed by IACM on 26th June 2017 that Laurel was caught in Estr. Marginal da Ilha Verde on 12th June 2017.
The excuse of the adopter is that he asked his friend to return Laurel to us but his friend didn’t do it and also gave the dog away.
The adopter told us he would pick up Laurel in IACM and take her home.
But IACM just informed us this morning that the adopter went to IACM to complete the abandonment procedure.
Laurel is staying in IACM temporary and we will pick her up after she is spayed.
Please think deeply before you adopt and don’t throw your pet away as a toy!

Never Abandon your pet! Abandoning a pet should be a crime!
Please adopt and never buy!

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