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Anima–Return to Place (SPP1932-Camelia)!

News, SPP Returned

On 14th October 2017 after a call from Ms. Peng, the mother dog SPP1927-Cambria (F), around one year old and her seven puppies, SPP1928-Cadmus (M), SPP1929-Cadoc (M), SPP1930-Cadogan (M), SPP1931-Cade (M), SPP1932-Camelia (F), SPP1933-Camryn (F) and SPP1934-Carita (F), on the time all around three months old,  all stayed under our Special Protection Program (SPP) together with another two dogs, SPP1935-Keelan (F) and SPP1936-Keanna (F), on the time both around six months old.
We were informed that SPP1932-Camelia refused to eat for two days and her others sibling also have the same problem on 11th December.
SPP1932-Camelia was sent to a clinic.
According to the vet, she has a strongly canine parvovirus and she has only 30% chance for survival.
SPP1932-Camelia stayed in the clinic under treatment.
Today we are informed by the clinic that SPP1932-Camelia is doing well.
She may have antibody of canine parvovirus which caused her canine parvovirus test result showed positive.
SPP1932-Camelia is returned to her former place.
Ms. Peng is responsible for her in that area.
Anima will support the neuter and the medical care when necessary.
Thanks Ms. Peng!

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