Anima–September Fosters (C1100, C1626, SPPC1194)!

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The two typhoons caused a huge damage in our dogs’ shelter and Cat’s Paradise.
Especially the free area of our Cat’s Paradise was almost completed destroyed!
Ceilings were broken by fall down trees and all the nets protecting the cats were destroyed!
As so, we asked urgently help from our community friends to foster our animal until we fix the ceilings.
Today three cats were fostered and one was returned.
C1100-Tut Tut and C1626-Lemon were fostered by Ms. Wong.
SPPC1194-Glenda was fostered by Ms. Britton.
C1188-Carmy was returned as she was not eating at the foster family home.
Carmy will be under observation  now

Thanks Ms. Wong and Ms. Britton!

Please be a foster and a Volunteer!
Please help us to help them!




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ANIMA – Sociedade Protectora dos Animais de Macau
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Banco Nacional Ultramarino, MOP account number 9003472840
Bank of China, MOP account number 01-01-20-794318
ICBC, MOP account number 0119100200000960934
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Tai Fung Bank, MOP account number 201-1-10530-7
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