Anima–June Adoption (1891-Marik)!

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Marik was adopted by Ms. Devonne on 16th June 2017!

1882-Sheba (F), around one year old, with her puppies, 1883-Sammy, 1884-Selina, 1885-Sherry, 1886-Syrus, 1887-Stanley, 1888-Shelton, all around two weeks old, 1889-Marla, 1890-Maisie, 1891-Marik and 1892-Macy, all around three days old, were rescued by Anima on 12th May 2017, after a call from Mr. Wong, informing that he found two new born puppies and one mother hiding inside the underbrush of a footbridge between two casinos.
Our rescue team went to the site and found two groups of dogs, one mother with five puppies and one mother with four puppies.
As we had failed to catch the mothers and we didn’t collect the puppies on 10th May 2017, as they were too young and still need milking.
1892-Macy was found dead already for some days in underbrush with her body in decomposition.
So, we decided to catch the mother 1882-Sheba with all the puppies as they were in danger.
We were not able to catch the other mother of 1889-Marla, 1890-Maisie and 1891-Marik.
1889-Marla, 1890-Maisie and 1891-Marik were fostered by our Supervisor Zoe as they need milk feeding.
Now Marik was adopted!
Thanks Ms. Devonne!

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1883-Sammy, 1884-Selina, 1885-Sherry, 1886-Syrus, 1887-Stanley, 1888-Shelton 1889-Marla, 1890-Maisie, 1891-Marik and 1892-Macy (2)