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News, Our Visits

Anima in Macau Anglican College Open Day!

<29-10-2016> Anima has attended Macau Anglican College Open Day. Two of our staff,  with six of our dogs and three volunteers, attended to the event. Our messages were about animals, our code of ethics and how can they help us helping the animals! Around 150 people visited our booth! Never Abandon...

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29 October
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Events, Our Visits

Promotion of the law for the protection of animals!

<10-09-2016> Anima has participated in the day for the Promotion of the animals protection law 2016, an invitation from IACM. Around 100 people attended the event! Thanks IACM! Never Abandon your pet! Abandoning a pet is cruelty! Education is the key issue for changing the cruelty environment against animals.       Please help us...

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10 September