• C1381-William
  • C1601-Blacky
  • C1602-Flyer

Anima–June Rescue (C1381, C1601, C1602)!

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C1381-William (M), together with C1601-Blacky (F) and C1602-Flyer (M), all around three years old, were rescued by Anima on 18th June 2017, after a call from Ms. Mui reporting that she couldn’t keep her cats anymore.

C1381-William and C1382-Harry were first rescued by Anima on 13th January 2017, after a call from Ms. Mui reporting that she couldn’t keep her two cats temporarily.
According to Ms. Mui, she used to rescue dogs in the street and had rented a place to put the dogs, but  the owner got the place back so she had to put all the dogs inside her house.
Her two cats couldn’t get along well with the dogs, and she had no more space to separate them.
William and Harry stayed in our Cat’s Paradise temporarily.
Ms. Mui visited us on 14th January 2017 and explained that she just found a place to transfer the dogs.
As so, William and Harry were backed to home on that time.
But we received a call from Ms. Mui again on 16th June reporting that the place that she kept the dogs were collected by the owner and she couldn’t keep her cats now.
C1381-William, C1601-Blacky and C1602-Flyer were checked by vet, dewormed and sent to Cats’ Paradise for quarantine again.

No more cats will be given back to Ms. Mui from now on! All of them are now for adoption!

Please help us to help them!
Never Abandon your pets! Abandoning a pet should be a crime!


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