Adoption Application Form

Adoption procedures

All members of the family should come and meet their match, as all family has to be happy with the new pet. After being certain that you really wish to adopt, you need to fill in an adoption form. This form includes your personal details, like name and contact information, and a small questionnaire about the role of pets in your life.  A copy of the ID card and a proof of address (recent electricity, water or phone bill) are requested.

Regarding dogs, an application for license for IACM is also requested to be filled in and signed. You must be at least 18 years old.
Last but not least you will be asked by Anima to sign a document authorizing us to get the dog back from IACM in case he/she is abandoned. This is our way to protect our dogs against irresponsible owners and already happened several times.

ANIMA may request a visit to the premises of the potential adopter. Some dogs may request more than one visit, to be more acquainted with you.

The adoption form will be submitted to approval. This may take a few days. ANIMA reserves the right to refuse an adoption.

There is an adoption fee of MOP$500 that is exactly the license fee of the animal to be paid in IACM, if it’s a dog. If is a cat you will pay exactly the same amount but this money will cover only part of our expenses with vacines, neutering and deworming. You can help Anima paying a little bit more in order to cover our costs of spay/neuter, vaccination and deworming which costs more than 500 patacas and applies to dogs and cats.

After approval, you will be called to come and pick up the pet. Cat owners are requested to bring a cat carrier and dog owners should bring a leash and collar and safely bring them to their new home. There is a 2-week probation period, during which you may return the animal to us, in case a problem arises.

After the probation period, Anima will register the dog under your name. As a new owner you will be responsible for the renewal of the license of your dog every year and for the future food, grooming and medical expenses. ANIMA will call you from time to time in order to receive news from your pet, and may pay you a visit, as we miss all our pets that leave the shelter and love to watch them happy in their new exclusive home.

In case you no longer can take care of your pet, please inform us of the new owner’s details, animal number and name and approximately when he/she was adopted.

Please adopt, do not buy!

ANIMA does not charge for its services, our only purpose is to help abandoned animals. Adopting an animal require responsible commitment.

Please read and think before filling out the application form.

  1. I promise to take good care of the animal until the end of his/her natural life. And that this animal will be housed in proper conditions and will not be caged nor kept alone in neither a balcony nor any small area which may restrict the animal’s freedom of movement.
  2. I acknowledge that if my application is approved I may collect the animal within one week and that there is a maximum of 2 (two) weeks trial period that I may return the animal back.
  3. By law, I understand that I am obliged to register my adopted animal if he/she is not been registered and to settle annual license fees. If the animal has been registered by either ANIMA or another owner, I authorize Anima to make a “Change of Ownership” in the IACM after adoption.
  4. Any training will be performed with patience, kindness and reward, never by threat or punishment.
  5. I understand that ANIMA shall not be liable for an existing or dormant condition or injury, or any behavioral problems that may arise.
  6. The costs of all the treatments (if any) required by the animal will be on my own responsibility and expenses, including qualified veterinary surgeon, advised regular checkups, immunizations, injury or any other required treatment.
  7. If within the time of adoption the animal is under the age required for sterilization, I understand that I am obliged to spay the animal when the time is adequate (maximum 7 months for dogs and 8 months for cats).
  8. I shall not transfer the ownership of the animal without seeking approval from ANIMA, and I understand that consent will only be given if the new appointed owner fulfills the same requirements set in this contract. I also promise not to allow the animal to be used for breeding nor experimental purposes.
  9. I promise to inform ANIMA if any problem arise and allow ANIMA to help.
  10. I agree that I will be under probation for a period of 3 months and to allow visits by ANIMA’S personnel for regular inspections.
  11. I understand that, if I fail to honor any part of this agreement, neglect or ill-treat the animal in anyway, it may be reclaimed by ANIMA and all rights of ownership automatically revoked and transferred back to ANIMA.


  I accept the terms and conditions of adopting an animal

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